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Ability to deactivate a subscription (October 4, 2022)

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Ly Do
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Feature enhancement

Ability to deactivate a subscription

  • You can now deactivate subscriptions via your Subscription plans table. Please note that email notifications will not be sent to the affected users after subscription deactivation.


  • If the subscription end date is in the future, deactivated subscriptions will have an “Ending” status in “Next billing” column and will stay in “Active” tab. Once the end date has passed, deactivated subscriptions will be moved to “Inactive” tab.



Prevent duplicate contacts from being created when coordinators create appointments with a different provider via Roster (only applicable to Roster Sharing divisions)

  • Originally, a new contact will be created if the coordinator creates an appointment via Roster section with a different provider than the owner of the contact.
  • With this fix, whether the coordinator is creating appointments in Appointment List or Roster section, a duplicate contact will not be created under the new provider if the contact has already existed in the Roster Sharing division

Subscribers with “’s” in their name will be displayed correctly

  • Subscribers in Subscription Charges and Subscription Plans tables whose names consist of “’s” were displayed incorrectly in those tables. However, this has been fixed so that their names will show up correctly

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