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Transfer Roster ownership in Roster Sharing divisions (October 14, 2022)

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Ly Do
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New Features

Ability to add and update biography in Account Settings

  • Provider and coordinator users will be able to add and update their biography via Account Settings with a 1000-character limit
  • Bio will automatically be updated on their corresponding booking pages once saved in Account Settings

Feature enhancements

Ability to transfer the owner of a contact in Roster Sharing divisions

  • As a coordinator user on the platform, you will be able to transfer the owner of a Roster contact in Roster Sharing divisions by navigating to the “Transfer ownership” button in a Roster contact profile

  • Please note that

    • Contacts can only be transferred within the same division
    • After a contact is transferred, both original and new owner will still be able to view the contact, but only the new provider will be able to delete the contact
    • Existing contacts with the same email address and name that belong to different providers cannot be “merged” into one contact, which means when you attempt to transfer the ownership of one contact to the other, you will get an error message. If you only want to keep one contact, please make sure to store all related files and forms in the desired contact before deleting the duplicate one

Provider and product specific link for patients

You can now start using URL(s) with the provider and product specified so that your clients don’t have to select anything except for the date and time of the appointment, which could be used for a campaign to promote a specific type of service or to incorporate with flows that have already supported provider and service selection

Allow forms to be assigned to multiple participants at once in group appointments

  • In a group appointment, you will be able to select multiple participants to assign the desired form to
  • The selected participants will be notified of the form assignment at the time of assignment based on your delivery option

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