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Allowing two signatures on the same form (March 27, 2023)

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Ly Do
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Feature enhancement

1. Ability to request both staff and participant signatures on the same form

  • As a staff user who has access to Form Builder, you will now be able to request a staff signature and/or a participant signature on the form.

  • In order to do so, you can navigate to the Form Builder tool and select the desired settings under “Signatures” section. For more information on how to use Form Builder, please refer to this support article.
  • To give a specific example, let’s say the assigned form requires both staff signature and participant signature. The flowchart below explains the experience that the staff and client will go through depending on your specific workflow


  • For more information about this feature, you can also refer the following articles

  • A few notes about this feature on mobile

    • As the clients access the form on their mobile application, they will be able to add their signature. However, we are still in the process of refining the mobile user experience so they might run into some UX issues such as:

      • See 2 forms (one with signature requirement and one without signature requirement) in 2 different styles
      • They might see a “Read only mode” label even when they can still add their signature for forms that the staff has added responses to on their behalf
  2. 24-hour and 1-hour appointment reminder email redesign and addition of cancellation policy to the email

    • There is a redesign of our default appointment reminder emails to include additional details such as Provider name, Date, Duration and Type
    • If your organization has any cancellation policy set in place with OnCall, clients will be able to see those cancellation policy in their 1-hour reminder email and 24-hour reminder email
    • Note: if you have set up custom emails for appointment reminders with OnCall, then the additional information along with the cancellation policy will not be displayed


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