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Clients to be prompted to sign a form in their onboarding (April 18, 2023)

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Ly Do
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Feature enhancement

1. Clients to be prompted to sign a form in their onboarding (if applicable)

  • As part of onboarding, a client whose signature is required on a form will be prompted to add their signature whether the form response was submitted previously or not. This way, the client won’t miss adding their signature even when they don’t have to complete the form response.
  • If the form has a response and the client’s signature is fulfilled, the client won’t be prompted to see the form in onboarding anymore


2. Appointment participant maximum has been increased from 25 to 50

To help accommodating larger group appointments, the maximum participant limit for an appointment has been increased from 25 to 50.

  • This is only available on the web platform at the moment but will be available on the mobile app in the near future


  • Date shown in messaging thread is incorrect
    • Originally, the date shown in messaging threads was determined by UTC timezone, so it was incorrect for users who do not follow this timezone. We’ve fixed this issue so that the date you will now see in your messaging thread will match with the date of your local timezone

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