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How To View Appointment Confirmations

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After an appointment has been created, appointment participants will have the option to confirm their attendance to upcoming appointments via the 24 hour and 1 hour appointment reminder emails.  This can help reduce the possibilities of participants not attending appointments.

To view the confirmation status of a given appointment, you can view the appointment card in the Upcoming appointments list. 

The way the status will be displayed will vary between a 1:1 appointment and group appointment.

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1:1 Appointments 

Group Appointments

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Not Seeing A Confirmation Status?


1:1 Appointments

For a 1:1 appointment, you can quickly see the confirmation status beside the participants name on the appointment card.

If the participant has not confirmed, you will see "Attendance unconfirmed"


If the participant has confirmed, you will see "Attendance confirmed"


Group Appointments

For group appointments, you view the confirmation status of all participants beside the number of participants that will be in the upcoming appointment.  

If there are still participants that have not confirmed their attendance, you will see "# attendee(s) unconfirmed".  Clicking on the dropdown for the participants list, you can see which participants have confirmed and which have yet to confirm.



If all participants have confirmed their attendance, you will see the status of "All attendees confirmed".  Clicking the dropdown will confirm this and show you each participant has a confirmed status.




Tracking who has confirmed and has not confirmed is extremely beneficial and this information can be found in the analytics export.  For more information about analytics exports, click here.


Not Seeing A Confirmation Status? 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager directly to inquire about this feature for your organization.


Need A Hand? 

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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