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How to set Notification Preferences

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Patient users now have the ability to set their notification preferences in order to customize how they wish to receive their appointment reminders.  Previously this was handled by the provider and/or administrative staff of the appointment but now patient users will have the ability to select between Email, SMS and/or Voice as a way to receive their appointment reminders.


💡 Notification frequency will vary based on how the appointment reminders are setup by the clinic


Quick Links ⚡️

Set preferences in Onboarding

Set preferences in Account Settings


How/where to set notification preferences


The first encounter a user will have with the notification preferences options will be during the onboarding process.  Similar to how forms, payment information and video testing are displayed during the onboarding process when a user logs in, the notification preferences screen will now be displayed here as well. 



This screen will appear each time you login until you confirm your preferences by clicking on Continue. Once it has been saved, it will no longer display in onboarding (this is whether it has been confirmed on the mobile app or web) and to update it later, you can do this via Account Settings.


Account Settings

After you've confirmed your notification preferences in Onboarding, you are probably wondering where you can go to update them in the future if you wish to change them.  

How to get to the Notification section on your account is fairly straight forward.  


  1. Click your name in the upper right corner to open the Profile dropdown menu
  2. From the dropdown menu, select "Account settings"
  3. On the new screen, you'll see two sections "Profile" and "Notifications", click "Notifications"
  4. You'll be presented with the same screen you saw during onboarding and here you can adjust your settings your hearts content



  1. Tap on the Profile Icon in the bottom left of the navigation bar
  2. Then select Notification Preferences
  3. Now tap on Appointment reminders
  4. Here you can update your notification preferences by enabling/disabling SMS and/or Voice reminders


Due to the limitations of our SMS and Voice notifications, at this time clients are unable to disable Email appointment reminders.  As we continue to develop this feature further, we will be opening up the ability to disable email reminders but at this time, it will be locked.


Need A Hand? 

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!




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