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How to setup Custom Appointment Reminders

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This feature will allow coordinators and administrators to setup reminders with varying timeframes and for specific types of appointments. In addition to the general appointment information, they will also be able to add further notes for each reminder that is created. 

In this article, we will walk you through the feature setup and provide suggestions on how it can improve the overall user experience for your clients.

Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature if it's not currently enabled on your account.


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How Can I Access Custom Appointment Reminders?

Once logged in, click on the gear icon ⛭ beside the language selector and choose "Platform Configuration"

You'll now be directed to the Platform Configuration section of the app (options here will vary based on permissions and enabled features).

In the left hand navigation menu, select "Notifications".  This will load the "Appointment reminders" tab and now you'll be on the page where all the appointment reminders associated with all the divisions you are in will be listed.



View the List of Appointment Reminders

  • You will be able to see a list of appointment reminders with different sorting, filtering and options.
    • Depending on how many divisions you are associated with and how many reminders have been created, your list will vary
    • For more information regarding the various sorting, filtering and other options, click here.

  •  Continue below for steps on how to create a new reminder.

Creating New Appointment Reminders


This is a 3 step process and the image above reflects how quickly a new notification reminder can be created. Once you have landed on the Notifications tab under Platform Configuration, click the “+ New appointment reminder” button. 

A new modal will open up and you'll be on the first step, Delivery Settings.

Step 1 - Delivery Settings

  • This is the first step and it will include the main information that is required when setting up a new appointment reminder. 
    • All fields are required and here is a break down of what each field means:
      • Title: Provide a unique name to the appointment reminder that is only visible to the internal team (this won't be displayed to the client user and is internal use only)

      • Division: This will display the divisions that you can select from, the selected division is the one for which the appointment reminder is going to be created for.

        💡 Important note: Only divisions that have custom notifications enabled will appear in the list so ensure when speaking with your Account Manager that all divisions you want your coordinator/administrator to have the ability to create custom appointment reminders have this feature enabled on the division.
      • Appointment Type: You can select which type of appointments you want these reminders to be sent out for. You can select between: Video, In-person, Message, and Phone.

        💡 Tip: You can customize more thoroughly by selecting 1 type instead of all and have an additional note be unique to that specific appointment type. (More info on additional notes below)

        Ex: I create a reminder specifically for Video, and another specifically for In-person. I can have an additional note that differs for each of those reminders and caters specifically to Video and In-person

      • Delivery time: This is how much prior to the appointment you’d like the notification to be sent out. You will have the option to select between Minutes, Hours, Days and Weeks.
    • Default information included / Division-level features:
      There is an information section on the right side of the screen that provides additional tips.
      • This section will appear on Steps 1 and 2 of the flow and it will give you an example of what is generally shown in the appointment reminders and some useful division information

        • Default information included
          • This is the general information that is usually included in an appointment reminder.  This will be helpful when we discuss Step 2 when you can add an additional note to the appointment reminders as you'll have an understanding of the information that is already included in the reminder and not need to include it in the additional note section (more on that shortly)
          • Email and SMS/Voice section: These reminders will vary slightly but in general will contain the same information regarding the upcoming appointment

        • Division level features
          • Depending on which division you've selected, these options will update to reflect the active/inactive state of the features for that particular division.
            • Confirmations:
              • If enabled, the patient user has the ability to confirm their appointment attendance via the appointment reminder email
              • If inactive, the patient user does not have the ability to confirm their appointment attendance via the appointment reminder email
            • Cancellations:
              • If enabled, the patient user has the ability to cancel their appointment attendance via appointment email reminder and in app
              • If inactive the patient user does not have the ability to cnacel their appointment attendance

  • Step 2 - Additional note
    • This step involves adding in any optional notes that you may want to include with a new appointment reminder.
      • We allow patients to receive notifications via 3 different routes which they set and include the following options: Email (locked currently and cannot be disabled), SMS, and Voice.
    • Since patients can receive reminders via one or all of these different methods, we allow the user to add an additional note to each that have varying character limits based on the specific method.  These additional notes are in addition to the general appointment information that is already going to be provided with the appointment reminder and will appear at the end of the reminder.

      • Email: 2000 character maximum. This will appear at the end of the email above the call to action button.  
        • This field supports Rich Text Editing functionality so users are able to add the following items to their email:
          • Bold
          • Italics
          • Underline
          • Emojis
          • Lists (Numbered and Bulletted)
          • Links
          • Undo/Redo
      • SMS: 100 character maximum (subject to change). This note will appear after the appointment details and at the end of the SMS message. It does not support any formatting at this time
      • Voice: 100 character maximum (subject to change). This note will be said after the appointment details and at the end of the voice message. Given that it is an audio message, there is no special formatting available.

    • Like Step 1, on the right hand side you’ll be able to view the Default information included and Division-level features to help guide the user with deciding what needs to be included in the additional note sections.
    • Once you have added your additional notes to the respective fields and are satisified, you can move to Step 3 by clicking on the “Next: Confirmation” button in the top right corner of the modal.
      • If you have realized that you need to go back to Step 1, then you can click the “Back” button to update your settings and continue the process as described above

  • Step 3 - Confirmation
    • The confirmation page that will display all the options, text, etc that was decided upon during the appointment reminder creation process. It is a read-only step and should you determine there is a mistake or wish to make a change to something in either Step 1 or Step 2, you can use the “Back” button to return to the previous steps, make the changes and then return to Step 3 to see your updated changes.back.gif
    • If you are satisified with your custom appointment reminder and what you've selected as your timeframe, type, division, additional notes, click on the "Publish appointment reminder" and your appointment reminder will now be active!
      💡 Important note: This reminder goes into effect immediately so any new or existing appointments will now trigger these reminders based on the criteria provided during creation

Conflicting Appointment Reminders

  • A conflicting reminder warning will be displayed when attempting to move to the second step if any of the appointment types selected and/or the delivery time overlap with an existing reminder.
    • Only 1 reminder per specific appointment type for a given delivery time is allowed. 
      • An example of this would be if you have an existing Video appointment reminder setup for 3 days and were attempting to create an appointment reminder for 3 days that had both Video and In-person selected.  You'd receive a warning stating that there is a conflict with the Video type and 3 day timeframe. After closing the warning screen, you'll also notice that there is a red highlight and error state on the Appointment type and delivery time sections.
      • To remedy this issue, you'll need to update the reminder you are currently creating by removing the conflicting appointment type or update the delivery time.  So with the example above, you could uncheck Video or change the timeframe to something besides 3 days and you'll notice the red error states disappear meaning that you can proceed to the next step of adding an additional note.conflict.gif

Deleting Appointment Reminders

  • To delete an existing appointment reminder, go to the Notification section under Platform Configuration and using the action menu on the appointment reminder you wish to delete, select 'Delete'.  Once deleted, the effect is immediate and appointment reminders will no longer be sent for the selected appointment types/delivery time/division. 

    💡 Important note: This goes into effect immediately so any new or existing appointments will no longer trigger these reminders.  Please use caution when deleting appointment reminders as this action cannot be undone.

Editing Appointment Reminders

  • If there are any existing appointment reminder active, a coordinator user will be able to update them via the Edit function should they wish to change any of the details regarding the reminder.
    • To do this, they would go to the Notification tab under Platform Configuration, select the action menu on the desired Appointment reminder and click Edit
    • Once you click Edit, the flow is nearly identical to the Create flow except that the fields and selections are prefilled with the information previously supplied when the appointment reminder was created/last updated.
      • After you've made the changes you have desired, click Publish and your reminder will be updated and live within an hour.

Other Useful Information

The appointment reminders page contains a lot of information, as well as various sorting/filtering options that will be extremely helpful.

First lets talk about what each column means:

  • Title: The chosen name of the appointment reminder (only visible to coordinators/administrators)
  • Division: The selected division the appointment reminder is associated with
  • Delivery prior: When the appointment reminder is triggered
  • Applied to: What appointment types this appointment reminder is applied to
  • Last updated: The date/time of when it was created/updated, and who made the change


By default the table will sort by the last updated column with the most recent being at the top.  If you'd like to sort by other columns, you can sort by Title, Division, Delivery Prior, and Last updated.


Filtering and Page Size

Working hand in hand with sorting the columns, there is also a division filter which can be utilized to filter to a specific division instead of viewing all the appointment reminders at once.  This will be located above the Title and Division columns of the table.  

💡 Only divisions with this feature enabled will be shown in the dropdown.
Please contact your Account Manager if a division is missing from the list that should be visible


At the bottom right of the table, you'll also have the ability increase/decrease the page size which will determine how many appointment reminders you want to display at once.  The default value is 20, but you have the option to choose between 20, 50, and 100


Need A Hand? 

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!



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