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CareLogic-OnCall Integration Troubleshooting

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What Is this Integration?

Your business has the option to setup a communication system that helps your electronic health records (EHR) system (CareLogic) connect seamlessly with your telehealth platform (OnCall).

How can this article help you?

When your EHR and Telehealth Platform are connected, it's important to know how to use them effectively. Here are some common questions and best practices:

What CareLogic Staff Can Do in OnCall

  • Join a Video Appointment: CareLogic staff can easily join a video session using OnCall or CareLogic.
  • Complete an Appointment: In your EHR, you can mark an appointment as "Kept," similar to "Complete" in OnCall, but it's important to know that this doesn't happen automatically. You need to go into OnCall and manually mark appointments as "Complete."
  • Edit Fees for Participants: If you need to change fees for participants in an appointment, you can do so by clicking the "Edit" button for that appointment.
  • Editing Non-EHR Participants: To include clients who aren't in your EHR system, you can add them by clicking "Edit" on the specific appointment and then "Add participant." To remove non-EHR participants, click “Edit”, followed by the trash can icon. Non-EHR participants can include caseworkers, lawyers, etc.

What CareLogic Staff Should Do in CareLogic

  • Edit Appointment Details: You can make changes to appointment details like the date, time, and more in CareLogic.
  • Updating 1:1 Appointments: If you wish to update participants, error out the old appointment and create a new one in your EHR.
  • Updating Group Appointments: If you wish to update the participants in a group appointment, there are two ways to go about this. If the original appointment was created with the wrong group, error out the appointment and create a new appointment. If the original appointment was created with fewer/more participants, add/remove additional participants into the group.
  • Mark Participants as DNS, CBT, CBC, or Error: You can set participant statuses in CareLogic, but note that custom statuses won't be reflected in OnCall.
  • Update Participant Emails: To change a participant's email, update the "Primary email address" in CareLogic. Please note that all existing appointments associated with the previous email address must be manually updated after the email update.
  • Updating Statuses More Than Once: In CareLogic, you can update a participant's status multiple times, but the same workflow won't work in OnCall. Assigning a custom status like “checked-in” will not sync over into OnCall, and multiple custom statuses can be assigned without any consequences. Assigning a “hardcoded” status, like "CBC," "CBT," "Error," or "DNS," will port over into OnCall, and subsequent status changes will not sync into OnCall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Emails for EDA Appointments: Clients will receive various emails, such as "Appointment created," "Appointment updated," and "Appointment cancelled," based on the changes or actions taken.
  • Status Updates Not Syncing: Only default statuses (like "CBC," "CBT," "Error," and "DNS") will sync to OnCall from your EHR.
  • Appointments Not Syncing: If appointments aren't appearing in OnCall, make sure clients have a primary email address in your EHR. If the issue persists, contact support with specific details.
  • Incorrect Appointment Type in OnCall: Check the “Sent to OnCall as” activity settings in CareLogic and ensure that the correct appointment type is selected. "Use service location," "In person," and "Telehealth" settings determine how appointments are sent to OnCall.
  • Updates Not Showing in OnCall: If changes in staff or organization don't appear in OnCall, make sure they exist in OnCall. If not, you may need to reconfigure the activity.
  • Switching from Integrated to Non-Integrated Activities: Changing an activity from integrated to non-integrated won't alter existing appointments. However, before updating an integrated activity to a non-integrated one, it’s recommended to error out all existing appointments associated with that activity first, then update the activity setting.
  • Changing "Send to OnCall as" Value: Modifying this value in CareLogic won't affect existing appointments. Consider erroring out all appointments associated with that activity and recreating them, or updating them manually after the “Send to OnCall as” modification has been done.
  • Completing an Activity: To move an appointment to the "Past" tab in OnCall, staff must complete the appointment in OnCall, not in CareLogic.
  • Enabling EDA OnCall Integration: If you want to enable this integration, contact your implementation team for guidance. They can help you with the next steps.

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