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Appointment Sync

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The CareLogic <> OnCall integration allows organizations to sync appointments between their EHR and the patient portal.

Types of Appointments Supported in OnCall:

  • 1:1 Appointments: You can know create a 1:1 appointment in CareLogic and that will automatically create the appointment in OnCall
  • Group Appointments: Groups, with up to 25 participants, can be created and synced to OnCall 
  • Recurring Appointments: For those routine check-ins, our integration supports recurring appointments, for both groups and 1:1 appointments
  • Supported Modalities: Video, In-Person: Whether your preference is a face-to-face meeting or a virtual connection, OnCall's integration with Carelogic covers both video and in-person modalities.

Appointment Updates:

  • Editing Appointment Details: Modify appointment details, such as provider, date, time, activity and appointment type (video, in person) within CareLogic, and the changes will be reflected in OnCall
  • Updating 1:1 Appointments: If you wish to update participants, error out the old appointment and create a new one in your EHR
  • Updating Group Appointments: To update participants in a group appointment, you can swap clients as usual in your EHR. ** Please note, if you wish to add third parties or co-host to these appointments, you will be able to add them directly in OnCall **
  • Marking Participants as DNS, CBT, CBC, or Error: Set participant statuses in CareLogic and these changes will be available in OnCall:
    • DNS: No Show (OnCall)
    • CBT: Cancelled by Provider (OnCall)
    • CBC: Cancelled by Client (OnCall)
    • Error: Will remove participant from the appointment card in OnCall, and will move the appointment to the past appointment tab.
  • Updating Participant Emails: Change a participant's email by updating the "Primary email address" in CareLogic.
    • Note: You must manually update all existing appointments associated with the previous email address to ensure that the participant with the new email address is added to appointments in OnCall
  • Updating Statuses Multiple Times: In CareLogic, you can change a participant's status multiple times. However, be aware that this same process won't work in OnCall. Assigning a custom status like “Checked-in” won't sync to OnCall. Only these statuses: "CBC," "CBT," "Error," or "DNS" will port over to OnCall. Subsequent status changes won't sync into OnCall after a hardcoded status is assigned.

Workflows Not Supported:

  • "Kept" status:
    • Staff need to complete the appointment directly in OnCall, after which it will move to the "Past" tab
  • Updating a participant in a CareLogic appointment:
    • Swapping participants or removing a participant and replacing it with another participant will not register in OnCall
    • Workaround: 
      • Error the activity with the original participant and create a new appointment with the new participant (if 1-1 appointment)
      • Add the new participant and remove the unwanted participant in the group object

For more details on how to manage appointments via the integration and OnCall, refer to the article here.






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