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Web app enhancements (November 20, 2023)

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Todd MacAinsh
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What’s new?

Patient Documents Refresh!

  • The first iteration of the documents refresh is now live and will include the following changes!

    • Updated Patient Files table to utilize datagrid
      • Form status will now display the expanded status of forms (response, signatures, complete, etc)
      • Added search functionality to Patient forms under Documents
    • Updated Patient Forms table to utilize datagrid
      • Added a confirmation modal when patient deletes a file
      • Added search functionality to Patient files under Documents
  • Here are some examples of what the forms and files sections will look like now:


  • Forms

  • Files

  • New delete modal for patient owned files

  • This isn’t the final iteration of the refresh, there are a few more changes we will be implementing so stay tuned!

Additional New Features/Changes

  • Added notes for coordinators indicating that changes to their notifications may take up to an hour and that they are limited to 20 notifications per division
  • Patient accounts will now display the appointment participant name on the appointment card below the providers name. See example below:

Bug Fixes

  • A confirmation toast will now appear when an appointment reminder is updated or fails to update
  • There was an issue where appointments would save the appointment summary but not be completed, this should not longer occur.

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