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Andreina Charris
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Discover the Telehealth link integration feature🌟

This integration streamlines the transfer of Zoom links directly from OnCall to CareLogic, adding an extra layer of ease to your workflow.

What is it?

We will now send over the Zoom link for all your video appointments straight from OnCall to CareLogic, so that providers can access the virtual appointment directly form the EHR.

How does it work?

After the appointment is scheduled in CareLogic and the location/activity type indicates that this should be a Telehealth appointment, OnCall will return the Zoom link for that video appointment. Once the appointment has populated, just give your page a little refresh in CareLogic. Spot the "Join meeting" button on your schedule, and there's your Zoom video link.

Please note: If you happen to switch an appointment from Telehealth to an in-person meeting, the Telehealth link will remain in your schedule.

Important Note:

  • The provided link is a Host link and is meant to be used exclusively by the provider host

Limitations to Keep in Mind:

  • The integration will sync Zoom links for hosts only into CareLogic. 🔄
  • Avoid sharing this link with 3rd party participants or co-hosts, as using it may inadvertently remove the host from the meeting upon joining. ❌
    • Please contact your Customer Success Manager to explore workarounds for such scenarios. 
  • Providers should refrain from sharing this link with patients facing difficulties joining the call, to prevent similar disruptions. 



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