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Forms and File Sync

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Understanding the CareLogic File Upload Integration Feature 📂

This CareLogic integration feature ensures that all forms and files completed by patients in the OnCall patient portal are seamlessly sent to your Document Library in CareLogic. This process is automatic and immediate, allowing providers to access the information in CareLogic as soon as patients finish their assigned forms or upload documents (images, PDFs, etc.) in OnCall.

  • Supported file formats are: CSV, DOC, JPG, PDF, PNG, RTF, TXT, XLS

Finding Forms and Files in CareLogic: 📂

Follow these simple instructions to locate the "Document Library" associated with a client profile:

  1. Search for the client: Use the search function and click on the "ECR" button to be prompted to their profile. 
  2. Navigate to "Document Library" via Client tab: The location of this library is defined based on your organizations preference. From here, you can view the forms and files related to that client. 


Document Library Notifications: 

Once a form or a file has been synced from OnCall to the Clients Document Library, you will receive a notification in "Alerts" under "Document Library Upload" tab (see image below).

Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 3.46.37 PM.png

Key points: 

  • Real-Time Accessibility: Forms and files are sent to CareLogic instantly upon completion by the patient, providing timely access for providers.
  • Size Matters: Keep in mind that files exceeding 2MB won't be sent to CareLogic. These files will remain in OnCall and can be accessed in OnCall directly.

Limitations to Consider:

  • Appointment Association: Only forms and files linked to a specific appointment can be sent to CareLogic. Unfortunately, forms and files uploaded via a Roster contact won't be synced back
  • Size Limit: Files surpassing 2MB won't sync over to CareLogic. You will still be able to download them through the OnCall portal
  • Text-Only for Uploaded Files in Forms: Files uploaded within a form will be saved as text in the converted PDF file. While the PDF is sent to CareLogic, the uploaded file within the form won't make the trip.

  • Transition Period: Completed forms and existing files that were previously submitted won't be sent to CareLogic, until this feature has been enabled. Instead, they can still be downloaded using our traditional method by logging into your OnCall account.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if your organization would like to enable this feature.

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