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Patient cancellation

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Andreina Charris
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Learn about Patient Cancellations in OnCall

Patients have the flexibility to cancel upcoming appointments with ease. This can be accomplished by either accessing their patient portal or by utilizing the cancel link embedded in our appointment reminder emails. 


How does it work

For Groups:

  • In the event a participant decides to cancel their group appointment, the corresponding status in CareLogic will promptly update to "CBC" (Cancelled by Client). 

For Individual Appointments:

  • Similarly, for individual appointments, when patients initiate a cancellation through OnCall, the status in CareLogic transitions to "CBC." The appointment will update and move to the "Cancelled" sectionScreen Shot 2023-11-23 at 5.02.00 PM.png

Reason for Cancellation:

  • Importantly, any patient-provided cancellation reasonin OnCall will be transmitted and stored in the "Comments" field associated with the respective appointment in CareLogic. 📝 

Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 5.01.17 PM.png


Please note that we will only be able to fetch cancellation reasons for Individual Appointments. Contact your Customer Success Manager, if this feature hasn't been enabled for your organization.

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