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Web app enhancements (December 12, 2023)

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Todd MacAinsh
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Major changes

Platform Optimization Improvements!

  • We have made major improvements to various endpoints including but not limited to Forms, Templates, Services, Appointments, and Appointment Summary!

Additional New Features/Changes

  • Documents -> Forms split into Incomplete and Complete

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.30.18 PM.png

    • When a patient user is viewing their Forms under Documents, the Forms will now display in two separate tables. Incomplete and Complete.
      • Any forms that require a response, signature, or are waiting for a signature from another person will appear in Incomplete
      • Any forms that have been finalized, will appear in the Complete section
  • Updated custom appointment reminder notifications so they send to unregistered users and users that have not confirmed notification preferences
    • There was an issue where divisions that are utilizing custom appointment reminders were not sending reminders to users that have not registered or did not confirm their notification preferences. This has been fixed and all users should now receive their appointment reminders as expected.

Bug Fixes

  • As a coordinator, there was an issue where creating multiple appointment reminders in succession would not clear the additional note fields on the ones created after the first one. This has been fixed and should no longer occur.
  • As a Patient user viewing your Files under Documents, there was an issue when sorting by Type and Uploaded by being inconsistent. This has been fixed and sorting should now work properly.
  • When switching between Forms and Files in Documents as a Patient, the searching and filtering would not clear properly between the two which could cause unexpected behaviors. This has been fixed, and should now work properly when switching between sections.
  • Recent providers will no longer show on the patient portal homepage
  • Export to CSV button will now show in proper language in self-serve service management
  • Minor formatting updates to the Patient Portal Home page
  • Patient Portal Homepage will now hide the fee appointments that are $0.00

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