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Patient Cancellation - Credible

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Andreina Charris
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Learn about Patient Cancellations in OnCall

Patients have the flexibility to cancel upcoming appointments with ease. This can be accomplished by either accessing their patient portal or by utilizing the cancel link embedded in our appointment reminder emails. 



How does it work

Groups Appointments:

When a participant cancels their participation through OnCall:

  • Update in PlannerClient Table: The participant's status in the PlannerClient table is modified to "Cancelled."

1:1 Appointments:

For individual appointments:

  • Update in Credible: Patient-initiated cancellations in OnCall trigger a status update in Credible to "CANCELLED."
  • Appointment Note in Credible: The appointment note in Credible reflects the reason as "Patient cancelled."
  • UI Reflection: A red "X" is displayed on the appointment scheduler UI.
  • Update in Planner Table: The participant's status in the Planner table is modified to "CANCELLED". 

Provider Cancels (Exceptional Case):

(this should not be happening as providers should be cancelling directly in Credible):

  • Update in Credible: The status is promptly altered to "CANCELLED."
  • Appointment Note in Credible: The system notes the cancellation as "Provider cancelled."
  • UI Reflection: A red "X" is applied to the UI for immediate identification.


  • Cancellation Reasons: The cancellation reason entered in OnCall does not transfer to Credible due to character limits. 
  • Group Appointments UI Quirk: The appointment scheduler (UI) in Credible does not reflect cancelled patients. Cancelled patients still appear as if they are attending. Utilizing the export tool is recommended to verify individual patient cancellation statuses.

If this is a capability you would like to use in OnCall that is not currently available to you, please reach out to your CSM!

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