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Mobile App - v3.00.0 Release Notes (January 9, 2024)

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Todd MacAinsh
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  • This release will update how we authenticate users joining Zoom meetings on Mobile. It is imperative that all users update to this version (or newer version) before February 4, 2024, otherwise, they will not be able to attend Zoom meetings on the mobile app after that date.

    • If a user is on v2.67.0, when this update deploys, it will require them to download the v3.00.0 before they can login to our app. Please be advised that this is expected behavior as it is a major update and not one that can be skipped.
    • If a user is using a version below v2.67.0, when this update deploys, it will not prompt them to download the update and they'll need to download the latest version of the mobile app from the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android.

Additional Changes

  • UI changes made to the appointment summary

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Provider/Coordinator users could no charge or complete already completed messaging appointments in roster

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