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Web App - v2326 Release Notes (January 9, 2024)

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Todd MacAinsh
  • Updated

What’s New?

  • Many performance updates have been implemented, this should improve overall application performance and the app should be more responsive
    • Users should notice improved performance across roster contacts, logging in, forms, appointments list and messaging!

Additional New Features/Changes

  • Custom appointment reminders - We’ve increased the maximum character limit for the additional note for SMS and Voice sections from 50 to 100 characters

  • A new indication dot will now appear beside Documents Menu, Forms Tab under Documents and in the Forms Table indicating that there are forms that require attention. This is specific to patient/participants users.

Bug Fixes

  • Printing forms was not working the same for patient/participants as it was for Providers and Coordinators. This issue has been rememdied and print functionality should now work as expected for all users

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