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Syncing Completed Forms and Uploaded Files from OnCall to Credible

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With this update, the integration will allow links to forms and files within the OnCall platform to be sent back to Credible. These links will display the forms and files starting 10 minutes in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Files and forms are accessible ongoing, during and after the appointment.


Guide 📖

To view the forms and files feature in action, create an appointment in the Credible platform. Once your appointment has synced to OnCall - which occurs every 15 minutes - you will be able to assign forms and upload files to the appointment within OnCall.

Note: You must currently log in to OnCall directly to be able to assign forms and upload files to the appointment. Only forms assigned to a participant in an appointment and files uploaded to appointments will sync back to Credible. Forms and files added directly to the OnCall Roster presently do not sync to Credible.

Service scheduling in Credible:

Service populating as an appointment in OnCall. One file has been shared, and 2 forms have been assigned via the OnCall appointment.


When the appointment has been created, and you have assigned a form in OnCall (pictured above) you will see a link to the appointment summary page flow back to Credible under the client profile.


Navigate to the client’s profile in Credible and click on ‘OnCall Files’ on the client profile menu (left hand side, pictured below).

If there are no files and forms, the OnCall Files & Forms section will look like this:

When there are files and forms attached to OnCall appointments, the links will populate in the OnCall Files & Forms section like this:


There is one link for files and one link for forms. If an appointment has both forms and files assigned, you will see one link to the same appointment summary page under each section.

Clicking on the link will take you to the OnCall Appointment Summary page where you will be able to view the forms and files 10 minutes prior to, during or after the appointment.


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