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How to use Co-pay Charges with CareLogic and OnCall

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Zoe Simpson
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This feature allows users to view the patient's appointment co-pay balance within the OnCall patient portal. 

In this article, we will walk you through what is required in CareLogic and what information will be present in OnCall. 

Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature if you would like it enabled on your account. 


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Setting up Co-Pay Charges in CareLogic

In CareLogic you will need both a Payer and Client Responsibility set up for each applicable client. From a client's ECR you can view existing payers or add a new payer


To add a Client Responsibility Entry to a client, navigate to their Point of Entry and select "Client Responsibilty from the left-side menu. When adding a Client Responsibilty you have the option to implement Co-Pay Charge by entering a flat amount, percentage, or a Client Responsibilty Matrix. 


CareLogic Client Responsibility.png


Viewing the client Co Pay Charges in CareLogic

If the client has their financial information configured, after you create an appointment with this client you will see the co-pay value on the Front Desk, represented by a value with a “(c)”. 

CareLogic Front Desk Co Pay.png


Viewing the client Co Pay Charges in OnCall

In OnCall, the appointment card displays the Co Pay Charges amount. This amount is charged following the completion of their appointment in OnCall. Credit card information will be collected prior to the appointment during the onboarding process if it is required. 


OnCall Co Pay Test Appt.png


Appointment charges are visible on the Billing tab in the top navigation. Here you are be able to see the completed appointments and their billing status. If a payment has failed, you can reprocess the payment using the menu to the right of the status. If the payment has succeeded you can download the invoice. An email with the invoice is also sent to the participant and provider. This can also be configured to include sending to an accounting email or coordinator. 


OnCall Co Pay Billing Tab.png


Please note the updated balance will NOT currently be reflected in CareLogic and will have to be reconciled manually. This information can also be exported via the appointments export available through the analytics tab.

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