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Web App - v2405 Release Notes (March 13, 2024)

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Todd MacAinsh
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The Broadcasts feature is live! Broadcasts enable customers to send an email and/or SMS message to a list of recipients via the OnCall platform.

A detailed guide on how to use the feature may be found here: How to Use the Broadcasts Feature to Send a Message to a List of Recipients

The first iteration of Broadcasts includes:

  • Support deleting broadcast
    • Users can delete scheduled or sent broadcasts via the list of broadcasts
  • Update list of broadcasts in datagrid
    • List of broadcasts is visible displaying the correct delivery method(s) and number of recipients
  • Revised recipient CSV upload for broadcast's info step
    • Users are able to upload recipient list via a CSV

CareLogic Implementation Improvements

    • CareLogic Staff can now be added via self-serve user management
    • IMPORTANT: If the Staff ID is incorrect appointments will NOT sync to OnCall
      Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 1.18.12 PM.png

Bug fixes

  • We had some clients reporting that the appointment card was displaying the incorrect participant name, this should now correctly display the correct appointment participants name for the appointment for patient users.

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