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Mobile App - v3.30.0 Release Notes (June 11, 2024)

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Todd MacAinsh
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What’s new for clients?

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Introducing the My Health tab!

  • To accommodate our ever expanding feature set on the mobile app, we’ve made some changes to the navigation to prepare for the release of the client records being available on the mobile app.

  • Documents (Files and Forms) will now be located under a section known as My Health.


    • All the same functionality and behaviours remain when interacting with forms and files, this was simply a relocation to make space for the future features we are planning on releasing in 2024.

Patient Home Screen now on Mobile! (Along with some UI changes)

  • We are excited to announce that mobile now has the home screen for all patient users.

  • When logging in, all patient users will have the regular onboarding process where they must complete any required forms, update payment information, etc but now once patient users login they’ll be directed to the Home tab!

  • What does this mean?

    • You can easily see your upcoming appointments for the day or in the future and join them from the Home tab
    • You can view any outstanding forms that require attention and action them from the Home tab


  • Appointments section

    • This will display upcoming appointments on the closest upcoming day

      • Variation 1: If there are mulitple appointments for the current day or next upcoming appointment day (if none on the current day), multiple appointments will be displayed in a carousel format that can be swiped left and right or you can tap the arrow buttons to move between the appointments.
      • Variation 2: If there is only 1 appointment for the current day or the next upcoming appointment day, only one appointment will be displayed without the carousel or arrow navigation.


    • Users can access all their appointments by tapping on the “View all appointments” or by tapping the Appointments option in the bottom navigation menu

  • Forms section

    • In this section, users will be able to view incomplete forms (only optional forms because users won’t be able to access the Home page unless they complete all required forms)

      • If there are no forms requiring action, it’ll just be a link to the “View all forms” section of the app
    • Users will be able to complete forms directly from this section

    • Users can access all forms (completed or incomplete) by tapping on “View all forms” and it will take them to the Documents tab

    • Similar to Appointments, depending on the amount of Forms available to complete, there may or not be a carousel and ability to swipe left and right between the forms or tap the arrow navigation buttons

      • Variation 1: If there are mulitple forms requiring attention, the forms will be displayed in a carousel format that can be swiped left and right or the you can tap the arrow buttons to move between the forms.
      • Variation 2: If there is only 1 form requiring attention only one appointment will be displayed without a carousel or arrow buttons.


Appointment Card refreshed

We’ve updated what our appointment card looks like to improve readability and so that it displays the needed information that is required for an appointment. Due to this, some details have been moved within the appointment details and off of the appointment card.





This streamline and refresh includes the following changes:

  • Information was moved to a stack format to allow for extended copy
  • Time and Duration were combined
  • Type was renamed to Location
  • Fee is now included as a main field on the appointment card
  • Participant name is now exposed
  • Placeholder image for provider was removed and provider name was relocated to the to it’s own section of the appointment card with a link that directs users to the providers biography
  • Files and Forms were combined into a Documents section
  • Attendance confirmation was previously on the appointment card, that was removed and is visible in the appointment details

Appointment details card updated

We have made some changes to what is displayed in the appointment detals by adding a few new fields:

  • Appointment Title
    • Was moved from the header into the main card as it was frequently being cut off and now can be displayed properly. The header simply reads “Appointment details”.
  • Attendence
    • Was previously on the appointment card, moved into the appointment details and indicates whether or not the user has confirmed their attendance for the appointment
  • Location
    • Originally named Type, we’ve changed the name to better reflect the meeting details and where they will take place
  • Cancel Button
    • Originally was at the top of the screen, has been relocated to the bottom of the screen
  • Provider
    • This did not exist previously, and includes details regarding the provider. For more details, see the section titled Provider information below.


Provider Information

We have added the ability for patient users to access provider details for specific appointments. It’ll include the providers photo, biography and the ability to book another appointment.

What is displayed?

  • When users are viewing the Provider tab in Appointment details, it will display:
    • The photo of the provider or their initials if no photo is uploaded
    • Biography of the provider if it is available
    • Link to book another appointment if the feature flag is enabled


How to access Provider details:

  • Appointment card

    • We have removed the photo from the appointment card and instead replaced it with a tappable section. When the user taps on the provider name, it’ll bring them to the provider details inside the appointment details of the appointment


  • Appointment details

    • If the user does not tap on the provider name on the appointment card, users can access it by viewing the details of the appointment and then tapping the Provider tab that is a new addition to the Appointment details screen.


Profile relocated and updated

We relocated the Profile navigation from the bottom right to the upper right of the screen. This will help us with keeping our main navigation menu clean and uncluttered. In addition to that, we updated the profile page with a refreshed UI and moved the signout button from the top of the screen to the bottom.


  • Tapping on the initials (or photo if uploaded) will now bring the user to the Profile screen


Help Center created

We updated the ? to be a Help Center that allows users to view the app tutorial, and allow them to contact support or reach support knowledge base

  • Contacting support or knowledge base link uses existing logic and that is determined by what is setup on the white label theme



Apps instantly crash due to null date error

  • Null date error no longer occurs on and users impacted by this should no longer crash when logging into the app on Android (did not impact iOS).

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