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Quick Technical Solutions Guide (Online)

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1. I Can't Hear My Client: 

If you’re having difficulties HEARING your client, make sure your volume is turned all the way up and that your speakers aren’t turned off or muted. If you notice an echo, headphones go a long way in improving the audio quality!

2. My Client Can't Hear Me 

If your client is having difficulties HEARING you, make sure your input volume isn’t muted. Using an external microphone (i.e. one built into a pair of headphones) is often a better experience than relying on your computer’s internal microphone - make sure the headphones/microphone are plugged in and turned on. 

3. I Can't See My Client 

If you’re having difficulties SEEING your client, make sure they’ve already joined your video appointment. If you’re seeing yourself in the preview window, you may be the first participant to join. The client should also follow the steps outlined below to ensure their webcam has been set up properly. 

4. My Client Can't See Me 

If your client is having difficulties SEEING you, make sure your webcam is turned on and plugged in (if applicable). Hanging up the call and reconnecting (by refreshing the page) may help wake up your webcam and allow it to connect. 


Important Notes: 

If you have multiple audio or video sources on your device, you can click the devices tab (Mac) or the gear icon (PC) during the video call to select the appropriate device from the list. 

Keep an eye out for any firewall or antivirus software warnings (which often appear in the top right corner of your screen), these may need to be “ok’d” to continue.

Still can't find an answer? 

  • quick computer restart is recommended at least a couple times a week - this helps ensure your device is kept up-to-date!
  • Ensuring your web browser is kept up-to-date (Chrome is recommended) is important for video conferencing. A quick relaunch should take care of any outstanding updates.
  • If you’re unable to download or install the secure video software, keep in mind there are a couple of options: login and connect from your mobile device, connect via the web using a Google Chrome browser, or if necessary, contact the client by phone.

Your preferred device should be tested from time to time by logging into your account and clicking “test your webcam and microphone” in the bottom left corner of your account dashboard.

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