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Handout Download - Invite New Clients to Use OnCall Health

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Alexandra Latter
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Guide your clients through adopting the OnCall platform into your practice.


Incorporating OnCall Health into your practice is a fantastic way to start seeing clients conveniently and remotely. For OnCall Health to work most effectively within your practice, it is important to make sure your clients are on the same page as you. Introducing clients to OnCall is as easy as inviting them to their first appointment! 

Let's take a look at the ways providers can introduce OnCall to their clients:

  1. Let your clients know you will be starting with OnCall.

A simple way to keep everyone in the know about how OnCall works is to send out an email message to your client list. This message should contain a broad overview of what the platform is, what services you will be powering through OnCall, and how your clients will be able to interact with you going forward i.e. messaging, video, phone (in addition to your current modalities). 

Feel free to use the example email below for your clients! 


Subject: Stay in the Loop with [your provider] and OnCall Health!


If you are receiving this email, it means that your provider has just joined OnCall Health, the simple, secure platform for better healthcare relationships. 

Through OnCall Health's platform you will now be able to: 

  • Request video appointments with your provider 
  • Securely share files with your provider through your OnCall account
  • Experience encrypted video conferencing and messaging on our PHIPA/HIPPA compliant platform
  • And much more!  

Step 1: Before your first appointment, you will receive an email prompting you to create an account. 

Step 2: Follow the prompts on screen to make your account

Step 3: Come back 10 minutes before your appointment to join the call!   

And that's it! 

We also have physical handouts which can be distributed to clients, and describe what virtual care is, as well as its benefits. 

Please contact support@oncallhealth.ca if you would like a copy of any of the above handouts, and we will email you the file. 

2.  Send your clients articles about telehealth and/or virtual care. 

Staying on top of the current tech. in the medical industry isn't likely to be high on your clients' list of priorities. However, understanding the capabilities and upsides of virtual care will assist your clients in understanding why you are adding these features to your practice and how it can benefit them. 

Here are a few recommended articles: 


3. Encourage your clients to get set up and comfortable with their webcam and microphone. 

Prior to any appointment clients will have the opportunity to log in to their OnCall Health accounts to test their internet speed, webcam and microphone. One test is sufficient to ensure the tech will work for an online call, however, many clients have different levels of comfort with this technology. 

Encourage them to become more comfortable and to deepen their understanding of how each device works by referring them to the following online tools: 


Helping your clients to become familiar with the OnCall Health platform is a great way to ensure there is clarity on both sides of the interaction when they are invited for their first appointment. Feel free to use these tools for every client in your practice, and start enjoying the benefits of OnCall Health! 

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