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How To Process a Payment For An Appointment

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If you are making use of the the billing tool, you will be able to charge clients in the following situations

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After a scheduled appointment on the platform is over

If the client has not provided their payment information prior to the appointment, you should be able to see their missing payment status in 

  • The associated appointment
  • The Roster contact associated with their email address 


You can start charging a client for an appointment on the platform by completing the appointment in the Upcoming Appointment tab




By clicking on the "Complete Appointment" button, you will see a warning message if the client has not provided payment information yet and confirm the fee of the appointment



After a failed attempt to charge

  • If the client has not yet entered payment information before you complete an appointment or the attempt to charge fails, you will be able to reprocess the payment via the Appointment Card in the Past Appointment List


  • Once you are in the Past Appointment List, you can search for the appointment to reprocess payment and click on the "Process Payment" button when there is a record of the client's payment information on the platform 
  • If the attempt to charge is successful, the "Process Payment" button will turn into the "Invoice" button that allows you to download the invoice of the appointment 
  • Once payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a success message and an e-mail receipt will be sent to both yourself and the client.


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