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How to process a payment later

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Alexandra Latter
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If you are making use of the OnCall Health billing tool, there may be situations where you need to process a payment after an appointment has already taken place. Please refer to the instructions below to reprocess your session payment later. 

1. If payment was unsuccessful (i.e. the card was declined), you will receive an error message letting you know.


2. Alternatively, if your client never entered payment information (for an in person or telephone appointment) you will receive an error message letting you know.


3. You will be able to attempt to process the payment again by locating the appointment in your OnCall Health Account. 

  • If you did "Complete" the appointment, you will find the appt. in your Past tab.
  • If you did not "Complete" the appointment, you will find the appt. in your Upcoming tab.

4. Next to the appointment, you will have the option to process the payment.

From the Past tab:

  • If the client has not yet entered payment information, you will be notified that "Patient has not provided payment information" and the "Process Payment" button as gray. You will only be able to process the payment afterwards.
  • If the client has entered their payment information, you will be see the "Process Payment" button turns blue.
  • Clicking on Process Payment will charge the client card and give you an invoice.

5. Once payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a success message and an e-mail receipt will be sent to both yourself and the client.



Please note: 

  • Depending on the reason for the failed payment, you may need to attempt again a few days later.
  • If it is a group session, you will need to click on the arrow to see the individual participants and reprocess their payment. 


If you have any further questions, please contact support@oncallhealth.ca or 1(888) 687 9288 ext 1. 


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