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How to Send Forms and Assessments to Clients and Participants

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Providers and coordinators can easily assign digital forms and assessments to clients to help collect any necessary client information before, during, or after an appointment. Follow these steps to learn how to do so

Note: To be able to assign a form, you will need to have created at least one form in your account. If you have not created any forms, please use the Form Builder to create one or contact support@oncallhealth.ca for help in adding a new form to your account.

Please also note that on mobile devices, providers and coordinators cannot schedule form delivery or complete forms on behalf of patients

Guide 📖

After creating the appointment, click the paper clip icon on the top right corner of the Appointment card.Appointment_List_View.png

Select "Assign form", choose the desired form, and click "Next: Form settings" to choose the delivery date of the form and send the form to collect additional signers if applicable. 


Choose the delivery option ("Assign now" or "Schedule") that you prefer and select the participant(s) that you want to assign the form.

If "Schedule" is selected, the delivery date and time will need to be filled in so that the participants will be informed via email and prompted to complete the form on the scheduled date. mceclip0.png

If you would like to send the form to collect additional signatures from a 3rd party that is not the provider or participant of the appointment, please refer to this support article

What happens to the participants after you assign a form?

They will receive an e-mail letting them know they have a new form to complete. If a form is assigned on a scheduled date, the e-mail notification will not be sent until the scheduled date and time. 


They can click on the prompt in their notification email to access their account & complete the form. Once clicked, they will be prompted to the assigned form directly. They will also have the option to "Complete later", if applicable.

What happens to the additional signers after you assign a form (if applicable)?

They will receive an e-mail letting them know that their signature is required after the response to the form is submitted. If somehow the additional signer is able to access the form before it has a response submitted, they won't be able to add their signature since we do not accept forms that have signature but don't have a response. 

For more information about additional signers, please refer to this article

What happens after clients or participants submit their form responses?

Once the participant submits their form response, you will be notified via email.


Clicking on the prompt in this email will take you to the form automatically so that you can review their responses. 

If your signature is also required on the form, you will be prompted to add your signature to the form after clicking the link. For more instructions to add your signature, please refer to this guide

Completing Forms on Behalf of Clients or Participants

In order to increase form completion rate and allow providers to collect necessary client information via various channels (i.e. calling participants to collect answers for intake forms due to their unfamiliarity with technology, or due to things like an unstable internet connection, etc), we have expanded the form completion permissions to allow providers and coordinators to complete forms on behalf of their clients. Click here to learn more.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager directly to have them enable the permissions for you to complete Participant Forms.

Please Follow the Below Steps to Complete Forms on Behalf of Clients or Participants

Log into your account & navigate to the form that you have assigned to that participant. Click on the form & start adding responses on behalf of the client. Completing_a_Participant_Form.png


Once you finish the form and click on "Submit", the participant will be notified via email and will be able to review the form responses by clicking on the prompt in the notification email.


If the form that you are completing on their behalf also requires their signature, the client will receive an email notification about their signature being required after you submit the response. From there, the client can add their signature, which will trigger a notification to let you and the client know that the form is fully completed and signed.

If you are looking to save your form as a PDF or how to print your form, learn how here. If you are looking to assign a form and complete it yourself without exposing it to your participants, learn how here

Need A Hand? 🙋🏽🤔

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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