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How to Create Group Appointments

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Brianna Felts
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Regardless of the modality of the appointment you're creating (📹video, 💬 messaging,🤝 in-person, or ☎️ phone), it's easy to schedule group appointments using our platform. Follow these steps to learn how to do so!

Guide 📖

Step One: Locate and press the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the Appointments page, this will open the appointment creation page


Step Two: On this page, you will be prompted to input the details regarding the appointment, such as date, time, duration, appointment title, etc.

Step Three: Under the 'Add Participants' section, you can add multiple participants to the group appointment by

entering each participant's name, email address, and fee (if applicable) and clicking on the 'Add Participant' button


💡Please note: If you process payments through your account, you'll need to enter the full dollar amount under the Fee field per participant. If you are prompted to enter a Fee, but will not be using your account to process payment for this group appointment, please enter a value of 0 for each participant.

Step Four: Hit 'Create Appointment' and you'll return to the Appointments screen, where you can review the details of your group appointment on the appointment card. 

Need A Hand? 🙋🏽🤔

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!



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