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How to create a Group Appointment

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After logging into your OnCall Health account, please follow the steps below to create your online video appointment.

Please note: it is recommended to download the Secure Video Client desktop app for the best experience. Click here to learn more. If you prefer not to download the Secure Video Client desktop app, you must use an up-to-date Google Chrome web browser to continue.

1. Get started by pressing the big blue button.


2. Complete each field in the New Appointment window. Add additional participants by clicking on "Add Participant"


Please note: if you will be processing payment via OnCall Health, enter the full dollar amount under the Fee field. If you are prompted to enter a Fee but will not be using OnCall to process payment for this appointment, please enter a placeholder of 0.


3. Your clients will receive an automated e-mail confirmation once the appointment has been created. They will also receive several e-mail reminders, prompting them to visit their account and ensure they are set up for your appointment.

4. If you're making use of the billing tool, you'll also be able to confirm whether the client has successfully entered payment information leading up to the appointment (denoted by the green dollar sign icon below).

5. Complete your online appointment as scheduled.

6. When ready, hang up the call and be sure to Complete the appointment before exiting.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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