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How to Create Secure Messaging Appointments

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Using secure messaging is a popular way for providers to communicate with their clients when a video or in-person appointment isn't possible. Below are some best practices for both providers and clients to keep in mind when using secure messaging for appointments.

For instructions on how to create secure messaging appointments on mobile, click here.

Guide 📖

Start by heading over to the 'Messages' tab and click 'Create New Conversation'

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This will bring you to the conversation creation page. Proceed to fill in various details such as date, time, fees, and participants

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Note that you can add multiple participants and have a group conversation


Once all the details have been added, click 'Create Appointment.' You will see a new conversation open up, click on it to start the conversation


Use the paperclip icon to attach any files or forms for everyone in the chat to see.



Don't forget to click the blue 'Complete' button to end the messaging session once you're done. After you complete the session, clients won't be able to send additional messages until you create or schedule a new secure messaging session or appointment.

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