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How to create a Secure Messaging Session

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For providers who are creating secure messaging conversations.

 Please note: you and your client must both log in to OnCall from a Google Chrome web browser.

1. Click the Messages tab located at the top of the window.


2. Click on the Create New Conversation button


Please note: if you will not be collecting a Fee using OnCall's integrated billing tool, enter "0".


If you want to start a messaging session instantly, please do not fill out "Date" and "Time" fields in the appointment creation card. 

3. Optional - Once the conversation has been created, you will have the opportunity to customize the announcement clients will see across the top of the screen. This announcement is a great place to set the client's expectation about how often you will be responding, providing contact information in case of an emergency situation, etc. The way clients see their announcements would be the same as you, except they wouldn’t have editing capabilities.


To change the default announcement on computer devices, simply click "edit" enter the new announcement and finish by clicking "save."



To change the default announcement on mobile devices, click into the messaging conversation and the pencil icon. Save when you are done editing the Announcement message (maximum 120 characters). 



NOTE: You may also add a time and date to messaging conversations. This will schedule a messaging conversation with your client. Scheduled messaging conversations prompt an email notification to be sent to your client letting them know they have been invited. 

Clients and practitioners must wait for the time and date of the messaging appointment before messaging.

Only providers can initiate chat conversations, and must message the client first to open the chat. 


4. Your client will receive an e-mail invitation to join the messaging conversation. They will be prompted to click Visit your Account to get started.

5. When you are ready to get started, it is suggested that you send a welcome/greeting message to your client.

Once the session has begun, you and your client can securely send text-based messages and file attachments.

Please note: your client will be prompted to enter payment information as part of their registration process if a fee is associated with the appointment. If your client has not yet entered their payment information you will be notified and the client will be able to enter at this time.

6. When you have finished the session, please click the blue Complete button to close the messaging session. Once completed, clients will not be able to send additional messages until a new invitation is sent by you.


7. If a Fee has been set, payment will be processed at this time. Both yourself and your client will receive an e-mail receipt for your records.

8. To find past messaging session, you can go to "Archive" tab and find the messing session that you are looking for.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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