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How to Reinstall or Update Secure Video Client on My Computer?

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This article describes how to install or update the OnCall Health Secure Video Client application. 

In preparation for an online video appointment, it is recommended you download and install the most up-to-date version of the Secure Video Client application. Please follow the steps below to download or update the application. 

We also highly recommend using Google Chrome to optimize the best experience 

  1. Log into your OnCall Health account.

2. Click "Test your webcam and microphone" in the top right hand corner, where you will see your name listed.



3. Follow the steps onscreen, this should take 5-10 minutes. Click on 'Next Step'.


4. This step is testing your system requirements to ensure that your device meets system requirements. Click on 'Next Step'.


5. Click on "1. Click here to download the Secure Video Client".


* Please ensure that you install the Secure Video Client by opening the download from your downloads folder.


6. After installing (more information on installing for Mac or Windows) go back to your internet browser and click on "I was able to Install.Next Step".


7. Now you will be directed to open the test window. Click on "Open the test window".

You will be asked to 'Open Secure Video Client', please click Open Secure Video Client
 8. A new video window will open. You should see yourself on screen and see a green bar moving to indicate that your microphone is working. You may now close the window once you confirm the results.
10. After you've completed your testing, you can go back onto your internet browser to confirm your results. Please click "Yes" for both statements if you were successful. Click on 'Next Step'. 
11. You are now complete! Please click 'All Done'. 


If you're having difficulties at any stage, please indicate that you need further assistance and you will be walked through several more steps to troubleshoot. You're also welcome to contact support with additional questions at support@oncallhealth.ca or 1(888)6879288 ext 1. 

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