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Dalton: Creating a Supervision Appointment

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Here are some best practices for creating a Supervision Appointment in OnCall Health as a Dalton Associate provider.

When creating a supervision appointment, especially for therapists who may be new to Dalton Associates, check out these Best Practices to ensure your group meeting is as straightforward as possible. 

1. Accounts: 

It is always a good idea to check in to see if your invitees have already created an OnCall Health account. 

To do this, you can either check in with the OnCall Health team, or directly with the provider(s) in question. 

Below, you will find an email template that you are free to use to connect with providers to let them know they will need an OnCall Health account for their upcoming supervision meeting: 


In preparation for your upcoming supervision, please download the OnCall Health app if you have not already! 

You will be sent the link to create an account in the Appointment Update email. Please login at least 24 hours in advance, ensure you have a working microphone, and webcam, and a reliable internet connection. 

I am looking forward to connecting for our upcoming supervision meeting! Please keep an eye out for my email. 

Thank you, 

2. Advance Notice 

As a provider, creating appointments well in advance will provide your invitees plenty of time to set up their accounts prior to supervision meetings. It is important to not only set up the meeting well in advance, but to send out your own meeting reminders. 

The OnCall Health platform will send out automated reminders for your invitees 24 hours in advance and 1 hour in advance once your appointment has been created. In addition to these reminders, it is helpful for invitees to see a reminder from an email address that they recognize to ensure they will open it up, and action the items inside. 

Adding a reminder for invitees to add the meeting to their calendars, and to set up their accounts in advance, can be helpful reminders as well. 

3. Technical Assistance

Finally, if participants are having any difficulty in logging in or getting signed up with OnCall Health they should always feel free to contact support, and a member of the team would be more than happy to assist them! 


Any and all Dalton Associates providers who would like to be set up with an account should feel free to reach out to support@oncallhealth.ca to set up an account today!


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