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ACI: Creating an In-Person Appointment

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After logging into your ACI Specialty Benefits account, please follow the steps below to create an in person appointment.

Please note: Before creating your first appointment, ensure that you have logged in to ACI Video Chat from a desktop or laptop computer on a Chrome web browser. If you need to update or download a web browser, please see here.


  1. Get started by pressing the big green button and selecting the in-person appointment type, represented by the person icon.


2. Complete each field in the New Appointment window.

As a best practice, your office location/address should be included in the "Appointment title" field to ensure clients have this information.


3. Your client will receive an e-mail invitation as well as several e-mail reminders prompting them to "Visit your Account."

4. You and your client can securely attach files before or after a scheduled appointment.

6. Run your appointment as scheduled. Once done, log into your ACI Specialty Benefits account to "Complete" the appointment. 

If you have any further questions, please contact 


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