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How To Cancel Your Appointment

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Jasmine Laciste


Follow this guide to cancel your appointment using our platform. You will be able to cancel your upcoming appointments by logging into your patient portal or by clicking on the cancel link in your appointment reminder emails.

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Computer Instructions 🖥

Mobile Instructions 📱

Appointment Reminder Emails 📧

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Computer Instructions 🖥

Login to your account to see your upcoming appointments. On the appointment you wish to cancel, click on the "Cancel" button


You will be asked to provide a reason for the cancellation before being able to cancel the appointment.

Please note that a late cancellation penalty may be in place and you will be charged accordingly.


Clicking on the dropdown will display a list of suggested responses, as well as, the option to provide a custom response using the 'Other' option.



Once you have selected the response you'd like to send to the provider from the dropdown (or have provided your custom response), you can click on Cancel appointment 



A confirmation toast will be displayed on the lower left of the screen confirming the appointment was successfully cancelled



And you will receive an email confirmation that will be sent to your email on file and to the provider that is hosting the appointment


Mobile Instructions 📱

Log into your account and click on "More", followed by "Cancel appointment


You will be prompted to select a reason for your cancellation. Please choose the option that applies to your situation


Click on "Cancel appointment" button at the bottom of your screen to proceed with the cancellation

Please note that a late cancellation penalty may be in place and you will be charged accordingly.



Once canceled, you will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation, along with the cancellation reason you have specified, to your email on file





Appointment Reminder Emails 📧

Upcoming appointment reminders will be sent via email and will generally arrive at the 24 and 1 hour mark before your appointment.  If you are unable to attend your appointment, you can click the cancel link in the email reminder.


Once you click on the cancel link, you'll be directed to the cancellation screen after you complete other required onboarding steps. From here the process is similar to the steps described above in the Computer and Mobile steps except on web you will see an extra screen that displays the appointment information before proceeding to the screen where you can provide a cancellation reason.



Clicking on Continue will bring you to the next step which will allow you to input a reason for the cancellation while clicking Keep appointment or the "X" will close the window and keep the appointment 


As described in the Computer instructions, after you select a reason for cancellation, you will then be able to cancel the appointment and an email confirmation will be sent to you and the provider hosting the appointment.


Need A Hand? 🙋🏽🤔

Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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    I do not wish to cancel my appointments.. When I tried to delete messages they said I cancelled my appointments.. Please help


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