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SIMAC - What to Expect for your Video Appointment

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Are you a claimant looking for information on how your upcoming video call will go? This article is for you!

This support guide is designed to walk you through the process of getting set up for a video appointment with OnCall Health, and to provide some additional information on how to ensure your video call goes as smoothly as possible. 

The OnCall Health platform is a virtual care platform which allows providers to connect via secure video to their patients. Our platform is entirely encrypted and designed specifically for medical and therapeutic interactions. 

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please check out our entire policy here (available in French and English). 

Your Video Appointment: 

Prior to your first appointment, you will be scheduled to come in person to a clinic in your area. It is at this clinic that you will be joining the video appointment in the OnCall Health platform. 

To participate in an appointment in the OnCall Health platform, you will first be invited to an appointment. A provider at the clinic will get your account set up in advance of your appointment in the platform. 

On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to arrive early at the clinic. From here, you will be connected to the appointment by the providers at the clinic via video. There is no need to do anything, except to wait until the doctor has joined the call. 

During the Call: 

During the call, your provider may ask you to move around in the room to ensure they can see your entire body, or different parts your body for their assessments. 

To increase the amount of your body shown on camera move back. 

To decrease the amount of your body shown on camera, move forward. 

There will be three icons available on the bottom of the video chat window, as shown in this image. 

The camera icon will hide your video feed. 

The microphone icon will mute your sound. 

The red phone icon will end your video call. 

Please do not click on these icons unless directed to by the clinic or your provider.


To send messages over chat during the call, you can use the messaging window, shown above. This will be in the browser behind the video window during your call. 

To send secure files to your provider during a call, or to receive files from your provider, you can use the paper clip icon at the top right hand corner of the image above. 

Ending the Call: 

When it is time to exit out of the call, simply click on the red phone icon to exit the video. From here, your provider will Complete the call, and the appointment will be over. 

Technical Support:

If at any point during the call you require technical assistance, either the clinic or the provider on the call can reach support at 888-687-9288, ext. 1. via phone or support@oncallhealth.ca via email. 

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