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Hasu eCounselling - Unlimited Text Therapy

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Alexandra Latter
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Looking for advice on Unlimited Text Therapy? Look no further!

Please note this support guide is specifically crafted for providers at Hasu eCounselling. If you are looking for more information on providing text-based therapy through the OnCall Health app, please contact support@oncallhealth.ca or give us a call at 888-687-9288, ext. 1. 

What is UTT? 

As a provider at Hasu eCounselling, you will be providing a service called Unlimited Text Therapy, or UTT for short. This service is designed to provide asynchronous messaging services to clients from the convenience of their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. 

UTT is a subscription-based service. This means that clients are charged a recurring fee on a monthly basis to use this product. Payments are processed through Hasu eCounselling's payment processing tool, Stripe.

This article will discuss the way in which UTT is provided, as well as some helpful tips to ensure everything goes smoothly before your first UTT appointment.  

To learn more about providing UTT with Hasu eCounselling please contact Alex at alex@oncallhealth.ca

First Steps

To book a UTT appointment in the platform, clients must always book through the Hasu eCounselling booking page. This can be found here

Having clients book through the Hasu booking page is important for a few reasons: 

  • Firstly, this is what allows the subscription to be created in the platform so the client is billed correctly each month. 
  • Secondly, after the appointment is requested, clients are auto-assigned an intake form. This will need to be filled out in full prior to accepting an appointment request. 

If a client is not booked through the Hasu booking page, please let the Hasu clinical team know, or email Alex at alex@oncallhealth.ca to resolve the issue. 

Next Steps

Once a client has submitted their appointment request, the request will appear in your Hasu eCounselling account. The appointment request will look like this: 

You will also receive an email to confirm that you have received an appointment request from support@hasuecounselling.ca. 

Please do not click 'Accept' to the 'New Appointment Request' email from support@hasuecounselling.ca. Please delete or ignore this email. Wait for the 'Invitation' calendar event sent to you from our Hasu Client Schedule, click 'Yes' to add to your calendar and please read the instructions carefully. 

Then, please wait for the confirmation email from support@hasuecounselling.caindicating that you client has completed the intake form. When you receive this email please visit your account here. At the top of your main account page you will see a notification with the appointment request. 

Click on this to open the appointment request and select 'Accept'. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not 'Accept' a client's request without receiving and reviewing their intake form. If there is a delay, email the client and remind them to complete the form.

Final Steps

Once the request has been accepted, a conversation will open automatically in the Messaging section of your account. 

The first thing that should be sent to each new UTT client upon accepting the appointment request is the welcome message and hand out provided by Hasu - this document outlines the way UTT works, how to most benefit from it, the expectations, and the cancellation policy. 

Closing Appointments

It is crucial to note that a UTT conversation should never be Completed until the subscription is ready to be closed. 

If a client tells you they would like to cancel their subscription, that they would like a refund, or that they have a technical issue, please tell them to contact Hasu directly at support@hasuecounselling.ca. Hasu will use their start date information to determine when their end date is and inform both the client and the therapist when the official 'Cancellation Date' is.

On the determined cancellation date, the provider will click the 'Complete' button to end the conversation with the client. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a subscription-based product and therefore will be charged on a monthly basis regardless of whether or not the 'Complete' button is pressed. Please leave the conversation open until the client's official 'Cancellation Date'. 


More Information

Asynchronous Messaging is a messaging conversation in which clients are able to message as many times as they like over a set period of time. Providers message once a week or once a day with a long-form, well thought out message to their client (as opposed to symmetrical messaging which involves the provider and client sitting in front of their devices messaging back and forth concurrently). 

Subscriptions are ongoing and recurring billing agreements wherein clients are provided with a service on an open and ongoing basis. These services are rendered on an ongoing basis with the understanding that payment will be billed on the same day of each month or year. 

Form Assignments cannot be accessed inside of messaging conversations like they can for video and phone appointments. To send a form to a messaging client, simply upload the digital copy of your file to your client using the paper clip icon in the text box of the messaging window.

White Space can be added between paragraphs in messaging conversations by holding down Shift + Enter. See the example below:





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