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What to do when I'm unable to submit Forms?

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Are you unable to complete  and submit your forms? Here are some steps that might help.

Problem: I have completed my form, but I am unable to submit or my form is showing me a blank screen. 

Solution 1:  If you are unable to submit the form, ensure that you have completed all of the answers required. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you have not fully completed the form, the mandatory fields that you missed will be bolded in red. 

Solution 2: Refresh your page

Solution 3: We highly recommend using Google Chrome for all of your OnCall Health appointment needs. If you are using other browsers, you may experience some issues. Please download Chrome and try completing your forms again.

  • You can download Google Chrome here.


Problem: I had to leave halfway/refresh my page and now all of my information is gone.

Solution: Unfortunately, we do not store progress in your forms if you leave half way. With this in mind, ensure that you set aside enough time to complete your form all at once. If you are unable to complete your form at the moment, please click "Complete form later". As well, if you leave the page, you will be prompted to complete the form again next time you log in. 


Problem: I received an email about my forms but I can't find them. 

Solution: If you have been assigned forms but are unable to find them, please click here to learn how to access your forms

If you require further assistance, please contact support@oncallhealth.ca or 1(888) 687 9288 ext 1


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