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How to Use Your Roster

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The Roster is a centralized client management system that allows you to view all of your client information in one place. With Private Roster you can.

  • Securely store all client contact and payment information under a singular record
  • Easily search your client contact and appointment information
  • View all appointments, forms, files, session notes and patient notes associated with each client
  • Organize and track all of your client progress in one place

Guide 📖

Roster is the list of all the contacts, which represent all patients and their associated records in your organization. Within Roster, you can view the entire list and quickly search for a desired contact


You can also easily add new contacts to your Roster when new patients/ clients are being treated at your clinic/ organization. 

Every time you create an appointment with a new patient/ client, you will be able to Add to Roster. Selecting the Add to Roster option beside their email information will store this person as a contact in your Roster. Screen_Shot_2022-05-20_at_12.25.19_PM.png

By clicking on Profile tab underneath the patient name, you will be brought to your selected patient profile. In Profile, you can store your patient contact information such as Email (not editable), Name, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Sex and overall notes about the patient. Screen_Shot_2022-05-20_at_12.27.08_PM.png

You’ll notice that there is a Create New Appointment button to the right of your patient’s name. You can now easily create all of your appointments directly from Roster on every tab.Screen_Shot_2022-05-20_at_12.30.01_PM.png

Appointments in Roster allows you to view all of your previous and upcoming appointments associated with each contact. Here, you can keep track of what type of appointments you have, whether it is video, messaging, phone or in-person. You can also easily view and add files and forms to be associated with specific appointments by clicking on the corresponding paper clip icon.


The Forms tab displays all of the forms you have assigned to the selected contact. From here, you can also assign forms to the contact, delete incomplete forms and view completed forms


The Files tab displays all files that you have shared or were shared by the contact. From here, you can also download files, hide/unhide files to contact and delete files that were uploaded by yourself. 


Notes brings you to your session notes log. In Notes, you can view session notes for each appointment you have had with your contact. You can also download your session notes as PDFs to store on your computer.


Roster FAQs

  • To ensure the patients continue to receive care and the patient history is still accessible, when a provider leaves the organization and their account is deactivated, their contacts remain active and continue to appear in Roster.

Coordinators and admins will be able to identify if a provider has been deactivated, by seeing a "Deactivated" appended in the Owner label, once you click on the contact in Roster


  • Deactivated providers and their associated appointment information will still be available in Analytics to be exported
  • If there is a trash icon next to the file, you can delete the file
  • If there is an eye icon next to the file, the file is visible to patients. You can hide it from patients by clicking on the eye icon
  • If there is a line crossing over the eye icon, the file is hidden from patients. You can unhide it from patients by clicking on the eye icon

In order to encourage more collaboration among internal staff, we have introduced an advanced version of Roster with more permissions for providers. Click here to learn more about Roster Sharing.

If you have any questions about Roster or are interested in adding it to your account, please contact a member of the Customer Success team today at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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