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How to download Session Notes as a PDF in Roster

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You can download your session notes as a PDF from Roster directly to your computer after appointments for your own documentation, or if you'd like to save the file to print.  

Let's do a walkthrough on how to download session notes in Roster as a PDF.

1. In Roster, go to your patient list on the left hand side and select the patient you would like to retrieve your notes from.


2. Go to the Notes tab for your patient and select the appointment you would like to download session notes for. 


3. Click on Download as PDF


 4. You will then get a pop up window. Please ensure that you have Save as a PDF selected in your drop down menu. 


5. Click Save. You will be prompted to name your file and save it in the appropriate folder on your computer as shown below.


 6. Once you click Save, you will be able to locate your PDF in your specified folder! The file will include participant name, appointment date, and time of appointment to ensure client details are consistent and available even after an appointment. 




If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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