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Common Problems Technical Troubleshooting Guide

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This guide is designed to walk you through technical troubleshooting easily. Please contact Support for additional assistance. 
Perform an internet speed test to determine if your speed is reliable for video conferencing. If your upload or download speed is below 5mbps, please follow the steps in this guide. 

Connecting to a Video Call:
There are a number of reasons why you might experience difficulty connecting to a call. These steps will help to resolve some of the most common connectivity issues. 

1. I am trying to connect to a call, but can't...
When connected to a video call in the platform, the video window will have the word 'Connected' in the bottom right corner.

If you are Connected, but are unable to see the other party, please follow the prompt on screen and wait in the call until the other participant(s) join. 

If you are Connected, and it is past the time the session was meant to begin, you can try exiting the call and rejoining the session. You can do this by clicking on the red phone icon to close to video window, and then clicking on the Re-launch Video Session button at the bottom left of the browser window page (pictured below). 
2. I am trying to connect to a call, but the Secure Video Client won't open...
If you are trying to connect to a call, but the Secure Video Client is consistently freezing or will not open, please follow these steps. 
1. Force close the application (Mac users will be able to two-finger click on the icon in their dock to force quit the application. Windows users can Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end the program in their task manager). 

2. Find the Secure Video Client program in your downloaded files, or the programs on your device, and uninstall the program.  
3. Once the program is uninstalled from your computer, go through the steps to join your call again. You will be prompted to download and install the Secure Video Client again. 
4. If you are still unable to join the call after reinstalling, click on the link on the bottom of the loading screen to join the call via your browser (please note this can only be done in Chrome or Firefox). 
3. I am trying to connect to a call, but I disconnected unexpectedly...
If you have experienced an unexpected disconnection, please try to connect again by clicking on the green phone icon, as shown above. 
If you are still unable to connect, simply close the Secure Video Client by clicking on the X in the top corner and then click re-launch video session. 

4. I am trying to connect to a call, but the connection failed...
If your connection has failed, you can simply reconnect by closing the Secure Video Client and clicking re-launch video session

5. I am trying to connect to a call, but my computer isn't working...

If your computer is giving you problems in advance of your appointment, simply download the "OnCall Health" mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. 
To join via mobile, simply download the app on to your smartphone, open the app, log in and join the call! 
Connected to the Video Call:
6. I am connected, but my video is lagging/freezing...
If you are finding that your video is lagging or freezing during the video call, you can try modifying your video resolution by following the steps in this guide.
7. I am connected on mobile, but the other person can't see/hear me...
Go in to the settings on your phone. Find the OnCall Health app. Ensure the permissions for the camera and microphone are toggled 'On'. Then, disconnect from the call and reconnect. 
If both are on and connected to the app, uninstall the app completely and reinstall it. 
8. I cannot open the app on mobile/I can't see my appointment...
Uninstall the app, then reinstall it. If neither of these options allow you to log in and see your appointment, contact support, or try using another device. 
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@oncallhealth.ca.

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