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How to use Analytics

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Note: if you currently do not have Analytics and are interested in adding it to your account, please contact your Account Manager today or reach out at support@oncallhealth.ca

With Analytics you can now:

  • Get a visual summary of all activities that are taking place within your organization in OnCall
  • View appointment statistics regarding: provider stats, billing information, appointment booking stats, and much more!
  • Track the number of forms and files that are being shared between providers and patients

Analytics Dashboard Overview


The analytics dashboard displays a general overview of important data points which are updated live. This is a great way to get a high level understanding of the number of appointments, total billed, booking requests received, forms assigned and forms uploaded.  Clicking on the individual metrics will bring you to a comprehensive graph or chart with corresponding information.

Custom Date Range

mceclip1.pngView your activities for your desired time period. Filter to view information from the Last 7 Days, Last 14 days, Last Month, Last 6 Months or set your own custom dates.

Scheduled Appointments

Under scheduled appointments, you will find data organized by appointment completion, individual provider stats and appointment type (video, phone or in person). If you are involved in more than one division (practice), you’ll also see the number of appointments you’ve carried out in each division.

Completion Status

If you hover your mouse over one of the sections on the graph, the text will indicate what it represents. For example, the green section represents Complete Scheduled Appointments. 

Definitions from the graph:

  • Complete: Appointment that have been completed
  • Incomplete: Appointments that have not been completed and upcoming appointments 
  • Charge Failed: Appointments that been completed, but the charge did not process successfully.
    • You may need to follow up with your patient to confirm if they have entered the correct payment information. 
  • Provider Cancelled: Provider cancelled appointments
  • Patient Cancelled: Patient cancelled appointments
  • No Show: Appointments that have been marked as No Show (the patient did not come to their appointment)

This graph shows the completion status of all appointments that were held during your selected time period.

By Provider

Which providers have the highest appointment volume? Search for this piece of data over time with colour coded provider blocks.

By Type

See how many appointment types were completed by video, in-person or over phone, and when.

By Division (for select accounts only)

If you are a member of multiple divisions or a coordinator, this graph shows the activity took place in all of the divisions you are a member of.

Billed Appointments

By charge type 

Billed appointments display the total billed per appointment status all in one place. This graph reflects the appointment charged by: Complete, Incomplete and No-Show.

Booking Requests

Note: These metrics are only available for accounts with a Booking Page. 

Booking requests show how many of your appointment services (ie. services from your booking page) were booked during your selected date range.

By Request Status 


By Request Status indicates how many appointments were accepted, denied and remain pending during the set date range.

Forms Assigned

Note: These metrics are only available for accounts with Interactive Forms.


Wondering which forms are being assigned and by who? You can see how many forms were assigned by: Provider, Type, Completion Status and Division (if applicable).

Uploaded Files


Stay up to date with the information that is being shared between you and your patients. View the number of files that were uploaded by providers and patients for their appointments.

How do I download this information to my computer?

You can extract this information easily to a .csv file. You can do so by clicking on Download CSV



If you have any questions about Analytics, please contact your Account Manager today today at 1-(888)-687-9288 ext.1 or at support@oncallhealth.ca 

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