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How to Download Analytics as a Spreadsheet

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Analytics is our data analytics tool that helps you gain insight on how your practice is doing. You can now download analytics as a .csv file directly onto your device. Read on to learn more! 

Guide 📖

1. Go to Analytics

2. Set your desired Date Range 

3. Click on 'Download CSV' in the top right corner 


4. Below is a breakdown on how to read the .csv file:

You may notice that there are several fields that have an ID associated with them. The IDs are generated by the platform as a unique identifier number. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


Analytics has fields that fall under 2 categories:

  1. Provider created
  2. Patient requested

A blank field in the exports is an indicator that there is no information in that field.

Provider Created

  • participant_id: ID of patient that the appointment was created for
  • appointment_id: Every appointment has an ID that is a unique identifier in the platform
  • datetime_tz: The date and time the appointment was created for
  • created_at: The date upon which the appointment was created
  • title: Title of appointment (as created by admin, provider or from booking page)
  • appointment_type: Type of appointment (Online, Inperson, Phone or Message)
  • duration: Length of appointment in minutes
  • confirmation_status: The appointment participants confirmation state (confirmed, unconfirmed, N/A)
  • completion_time_tz: Time the appointment was completed
  • provider_id: Every provider is assigned an ID that is a unique identifier in the platform
  • provider_name The name of the provider who owns the appointment
  • provider_specialization The specialization of the provider who owns the appointment
  • provider_email: Provider email associated with the appointment
  • appointment_status: Status of appointment completion (Complete, Incomplete)
  • patient_name: Name of patient (as entered by admin, provider or client/patient from booking page)
  • patient_email: Email of patient
  • fee: Fee that was associated with appointment
  • charge_ID: Every appointment charge has a unique identifying ID number
  • charge_status: The status of the appointment fee charge (Charged, Failed, Blank).

Patient Requested

  • request_ID: Every appointment request has a unique identifying ID number
  • requested_at: Time that the patient requested an appointment for
  • requested_provider: Provider that the patient selected in their appointment request
  • requested_date: Date and time slot the appointment was requested for by patient
  • requested_product_id: Appointment services that are listed on the booking page have a unique identifying ID number
  • request_action: Status of appointment request (Accepted, Pending, Denied)
  • provider_joined_at: Time that the provider clicked on “Join” to join the call.
  • patient_first_message: Time that the patient sent the first message in a Messaging Conversation
  • stripe_customer_id:  Stripe ID that is associated with patient for paid appointments


If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Analytics, please contact your Customer Success Manager or contact us at support@oncallhealth.ca

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