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What To Do If You Open SVC and Nothing Happens

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Dennis Myl
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If you are trying to connect with your provider and see a small window popping up asking for permission to "Open Secure Video Client", however, when you click on it, nothing happens, please follow the steps below

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Check to ensure that Secure Video Client is not currently open in the background. 

For Mac users, you can do so by checking your Dock and closing the Secure Video Client application 



For Windows users, you can do so by checking your Taskbar and closing the Secure Video Client application

Image result for taskbar on windows


Once you have checked that you do not have Secure Video Client open in the background, go back to the website browser where you log into your account, click on Relaunch Video Session



You will be redirected to the Launching page again, please click on Open Secure Video Client


If you are still unable to open Secure Video Client after doing so, please click on Cancel


Click on "Click here to join your video session now via your browser".

Please note: Joining the video session on your website browser is only available on Google Chrome and Firefox. Please switch to these website browsers if you are unable to join your video session via the Secure Video Client application


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