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How to Rejoin a Video Session with my provider?

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Dennis Myl
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If you are on a call with your provider and you are disconnected unexpectedly, please simply follow these instructions to rejoin the session. 

1. If you have experienced an unexpected disconnection, please try to connect again by clicking on the green phone icon, as shown below. 


2. If you are still unable to connect, simply close the Secure Video Client by clicking on the Red hang up button or the X button on the top left corner. 


3. Click Launch Video on the left bottom of the Appointment Summary page on your browser and choose your preferred method of connection



4. You will know that you have successfully connected by being able to see yourself on the Preview screen and on the bottom, you see the word Connected shown as below


Still having trouble rejoining your session? 

Please restart your computer and move closer to your router for a better internet connection. 

As a last resort, please switch to a different device. For video sessions, we recommend using a smartphone as the easiest alternative. Please download the OnCall Health mobile app on your mobile and log into your account with the same email address and password that you usually log in with. 

If you still having issue reconnecting with your provider, please contact Support at support@oncallhealth.ca or 1(888) 687 9288 ext 1. 

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