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How to send video logs for troubleshooting on a Mac

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Having technical difficulties on your Mac that weren’t solved by our common troubleshooting tips? If so, we highly recommend you retrieve your video logs and submit it to support@oncallhealth.ca so our team can take a further investigation into what is causing the error. 

Please note: Logs are currently only available on Mac computers.

In order to retrieve your logs, you will need to already have the Secure Video Client opened on your screen. If you do not have the window open, please follow steps 1-6.

If you already have Secure Video Client opened because you are trying to connect to a call, you can follow steps 4-6. 

  1. Go to your name on the top right > Select Test your webcam and microphone 
  2. Continue through all of the steps until you get to Step 4: Confirm Test Results
  3. In Step 4, you will be prompted to open the Secure Video Client. You should then see yourself on the screen. Click on the screen where you see yourself to ensure that the window is active

  4. In the top left corner of our screen, Go to “Secure Video Client” > “Show Logs
  5. A new window will appear. Click “Reveal” on the top left.
  6. A new window will appear with a file named “VidyoClient.log”. 


    7. Please locate this file and email it to us at support@oncallhealth.ca, outlining the issue that you are experiencing. A team member will reach out to your shortly to confirm that the log has been received. 

If you have any further questions, please contact support@oncallhealth.ca. 


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