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How to Fill Out Forms

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If your provider has assigned you a form and you are looking to complete it, please follow this guide for instructions to submit your form response. Please note that you can only skip optional forms by scrolling to the bottom of the form and clicking on the "Skip this optional form" button. 

Guide 📖

Once a provider assigns you a form, you'll get an email notification to your email address on file with a link to complete the form. Click "Complete form"


Log into your account using your credentials


Once logged in, you'll be prompted to complete all forms assigned to you. Click on "Get Started"


Proceed to fill in your information, ensuring to answer truthfully. Required fields are marked with an '*'


If the form requires a signature, click on the "Add signature" button to add your signature to the form. You will be able to add your typed signature or draw a handwritten signature.


Type your name and select a signature type that you want to add to the form


If you are not happy with your signature, you can edit signature or clear it to re-sign. 


If your guardian's signature is also requested on the form, you will need to pass the device to your guardian so that they can sign their section by clicking on the "Add signature" button. 

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Once you complete adding all required answers and your signature (and your guardian's signature if applicable), you'll be able to submit your form using the "Submit form" button in the bottom left of your screen. If the form requires more than your signature, the other parties will be prompted to enter their signature after the form response is submitted and you will be notified when the form is fully completed (all signatures are collected and the form has a response). 


Please note that in a completed form, if your signature and your guardian's signature are collected, it will be shown with information such as date, time, email and IP address for auditing purposes.


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You might also be able to see others' signatures and the associated information based on whether they are your healthcare provider or not. If they are your healthcare provider, you should be able to see their name, professional title (if applicable), registration number (if applicable) and the date, time of the signature. 



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