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How to Charge Individual Clients in a Group Appointment?

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Ly Do
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If you are looking to create a group session, however, you wish to charge each participant a different amount, please follow the instructions in this article. 

1. Click on the "Plus" button on the bottom right of your main dashboard and choose the modality for the appointmentfinal_5f0f53c33f136d001598dbd2_662121.gif

2. Enter Appointment title, date, time and duration of the appointment


3. Enter Participant Name, Participant Email and Fee associated with this participant. Click on Add Participant


4. If you are looking to charge Participant B $20 for the session and Participant C for $0, please enter the fee respectively. 


5. Click on the "Create Appointment" when it's in blue, indicating that you have filled out all mandatory fields and are able to create the appointment now. 

If you do not have the option to charge your clients, please contact your Account Manager directly. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Technical Support at support@oncallhealth.ca.



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