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How to configure Custom Roster Fields as a provider

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Providers and administrators are now able to create custom fields that will be added to a contact’s roster profile. The fields will be added to the current default fields (Name, Email, Phone number and Notes.)


Custom roster fields can be configured in any of these following formats:

  • Check box
  • Short text 

As a provider, you will be able to customize the following: 

  • Add checkbox or textfield
  • Name the fields 
  • Make a field active or inactive
  • Reorder fields

Please note: 

  • Fields cannot be deleted after they are created, you can make the field INACTIVE if you do not want to see the field in your Roster page
  • Duplicate fields cannot be created
  • These fields will flow into your Analytics (if you have the Analytics feature)

How to configure custom roster fields:

 1. Log into a provider account

2. Go to name on the right hand side and click on ‘Configuration’


3. If you are in multiple divisions, please choose the division that you wish to create the custom field. If you are only in 1 division, please make sure that it is the correct division.


4. Click on the "Create custom field" button and choose the type of field you want to create


5. Enter the title for the field in the provided box. 


6. Any new fields you add will appear above ‘Notes’. Fields can be edited until you hit the Save button on the top right corner. The fields can be reordered by drag and drop.


7. Click on the "Save" button on the top right corner. 

The toggles:

The toggle represents whether a field is active or inactive on the Roster page.

mceclip7.pngON (this will appear on roster)

mceclip8.pngOFF (this will not appear on roster)

mceclip9.png= ALWAYS ON (this is a default field that can't be changed) 

Hide Inactive Fields


This button will allow the user to hide the active fields so they can view only the active fields. To hide inactive fields, please check the box, to unhide inactive fields, please uncheck the box. 


Now that you have successfully created your own custom field, you can check your result in your Roster tab by clicking on Roster and viewing an existing contact. 

If you have any further questions regarding Custom Roster Field, please contact your Account Manager directly or support@oncallhealth.ca.


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