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How To Troubleshoot Time Zone Issues

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Our platform reads your device's time zone setting to determine the time that will show up for your appointment. If you consistently see a different time for your scheduled appointment, it's highly likely that your computer's timezone is not set up correctly. Please follow the instructions in the article to troubleshoot this issue. 

Important Note: The clock on your computer is not necessarily the time zone. Please check your time zone in Settings.

Guide 📖

On Mac device

Go to System Preferences


Click on Date & Time and click on the Lock on the bottom to make changes to your machine's time zone. 


You will be asked for your computer's password to make the changes to your computer, please enter your computer password. 

We recommend choosing the automatic setting, however, you can manually choose the local timezone that you are in as well. 


Click on the Lock again to save the change and log back into your OnCall account. You will see the appointment in the correct time once you have reset the computer to the correct local time zone. 

On Windows device

Go to Windows, Start. 


Click on Settings.


Click on Time & Language. 


It's recommended to set your time zone automatically. However, you can also manually change your time zone according to your local location. 


If you are still experiencing difficulty with your time zone, please switch to a different device. 

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Followed all the steps but still having issues? Feel free to reach out to our support team, we're more than happy to help!


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