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How to Use OnCall Rx

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OnCall Rx will allow providers to prescribe and send prescriptions digitally through the OnCall Health platform.

With this feature, providers will be able to create a patient profile to prescribe medications, choose from a list of medications (comprehensive list from Health Canada), prescribe the applicable medication to a patient, look up pharmacies (Our database covers 95% of pharmacies in Ontario and 10,500 pharmacies in Canada), send prescriptions to the pharmacy digitally (via secure e-fax) in the OnCall Health platform (link to the part in the article), save the prescriptions in the client's record in Roster for tracking purposes

Please note: OnCall Rx is currently only available for clients and providers in Ontario, Canada. 

You can jump ahead in this guide using the links below:


How to Prescribe to a Patient or Client

In OnCall Rx, you will first need to add a patient profile in order to prescribe medications. These steps are only applicable the first time sending you wish to create a prescription for a patient. If you have already created a profile for a patient or client, you will not need to do it again and can skip this step.

To get started, log into your account and navigate to your Roster. Select the client you are looking to create a prescription for.



Click on the Prescriptions tab



Click on 'Add new prescription' and you will be prompted to enter in the Patient Information. We suggest adding a custom roster field for the Health Card Number so it is readily available. 


Once you've filled out the required fields, click on Submit and you will then be directed to a page where you can make a Draft Prescription. 


How to Send Prescriptions to Pharmacies

Once you have created a Patient Profile to send prescription, you can create the prescription to send to the pharmacy. As part of this step, you will need to (a) create a draft prescription, (b) approve the prescription to add your signature, and (c) send the prescription to the pharmacy via e-fax.


Creating Draft Prescriptions

Medication: This opens up a drop down list of medications stored from the Health Canada Drug Product Database.final_5fbeb9c00596fc0099c13aa5_681090.gif


Pharmacy: Please select a pharmacy by entering in your address and selecting a location on the map. Our database covers 95% of pharmacies in Ontario and 10,500 pharmacies in Canada. From there click on Save Location 



If you cannot find the pharmacy you are looking for, you can add a pharmacy manually by clicking on +Add a new pharmacy manually. 



Enter the Pharmacy name and fax number: 



InstructionsEnter the instructions on how and how often the client or patient will need to take the medication. Rationale: Enter in the reasoning behind the prescription. Allow for Substitutions: Check if applicable. 


Optional: Click Add a new medication on the bottom if you’d like to add more than one drug to the prescription. Follow the exact same steps to add a new medication to the prescription.



Click on the Save button on top left and a  Draft Prescription will be created.



You will now be able to review by clicking the “See more Details” button and edit the Draft Prescription before Approving it by clicking on the mceclip2.pngicon. You can also delete the prescription by clicking on the mceclip3.png icon. 


Approving the Prescription

Click Approve to add your e-signature (your digital signature will be set up through your Account Manager as part of your onboarding). Once your Signature is added, the Draft Prescription will be moved to Active Prescription


Sending Prescriptions to Pharmacies

Click on Send Prescription to submit the prescription to the pharmacy and the copy of the prescription will be sent through e-faxing. Click on Download as PDF if you want a copy of the prescription for your record. 



If the prescription is successfully faxed to the pharmacy, the Fax status will change to Sent Successfully as opposed to the Not Sent status before you click on Send Prescription. 

Once you have finished sending prescriptions to pharmacies, all is left now is to check if the prescription has been sent successfully. 


What Happens After You Send a Prescription

Once you have created the Patient Profile and created their prescription, you will need to click on Send Prescription. Once you click Send, the following steps will happen.

From the Provider Perspective

Once the provider clicks Send Prescription, they will see a “Pending” status on their Active Prescription section. Once the prescription successfully goes through to the pharmacy via e-fax, the status will be changed to Resend Prescription. This process usually takes up to 10 minutes. 

You’re done! Please do not click on Resend Prescription if not necessary as this will create multiple prescriptions at the pharmacy. Resending the prescription will change the fax status back to Pending. Please only use this Resend Prescription button when the Fax status reads Failed or if the pharmacy confirms that they need a new copy of the prescription.

From the Client or Patient Perspective

The client will not receive notification emails regarding their prescription. Please advise the client directly about the prescription's status. The patient must contact the pharmacy to confirm the pick-up date and make a payment. If the patient would like a copy of the prescription, you as the provider can download the PDF and attach it to the appointment via “Attach a file”.

If you do not have this feature in your account, please contact your Account Manager directly or Technical Support at support@oncallhealth.ca

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